ROAS Calculator

Calculate easily your break-even ROAS/CPA


As a marketer or business owner, understanding your KPIs is crucial. One key metric in e-commerce marketing is the Break-Even Return On Ad Spend, also known as Break-Even ROAS. Why does it matter? It precisely reveals the amount of revenue your ads must generate to cover the costs of the products or services they promote. Imagine selling a $100 product with $80 in ad expenses, leaving only $20. If the production cost exceeds $20, you’re losing money! Discover your Break-Even ROAS effortlessly using our user-friendly calculator. Just provide your profit margin, and leave the rest my calculator:)

Please beware that ROAS alone does not provide insight into your actual profit, as it focuses solely on revenue. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of your business performance, it’s essential to consider factors beyond profit. One such factor is the customer’s lifetime value, which encompasses the long-term revenue generated by a customer. By incorporating both profit and customer lifetime value, you can gain a more accurate picture of your business’s success.